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Search Engine Promotion in India

Website Design IndiaThe most important activity after your website is launched is letting people easily find it. With majority of traffic coming to any website from search engines and also the majority of clicks from organic search results (SERPs), getting your website listed in the search results is imperative for overall success of your online business.

Knowing how important search engine rankings is for businesses in terms of traffic and online visibility, at ZN Web Studio all our efforts go into bringing top search result rankings for your website. Our expert SEO team strives to get you the maximum results out of your search engine optimization initiatives.

Search Engine Promotion is a catch-all phrase for marketing a web site through the internet. There are four basic types of web promotion:

  1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – The process of preparing web pages to be submitted to and ranked high in Search Engines (such as Yahoo!, Google, MSN, AOL, etc.) If your pages are already ranked, then SEO gets your pages ranked HIGHER.

  2. Viral Marketing (VM) - Viral marketing describes any strategy that encourages individuals to pass on a marketing message to others, creating the potential for growth in message's exposure and influence. Leyline further associates this term with the frequency of the return customer.

  3. Associate/Affiliate ProgramsLink referral and link exchanges - the joining of geographic or occupation-specific web sites that are complimentary in services or product.

  4. Paid Advertising - Google AdWords or Overture are examples of paid advertising, where you "pay-per-click" - if someone clicks on the ads from a search engine and go to your site, you get billed for that click

Search Engine Optimization

The optimization plan starts with suggestions for optimizing the overall architecture of the site & then drills down to on-page optimization techniques with discussions on their respective advantages.

After the initial optimization of the site, for the list of chosen variables, the challenge remains to analyze the traffic; user feed back, SE positions, to fine tune that optimization. Continuous incremental optimization or fine-tuning of the web site depending on the feedback is the way forward for SE optimization.

It also hints at new sections, which can be added to the site to make it more user friendly & search engine oriented.

Also then a high level submission plan to various online resources is delineated for augmenting the link popularity of the site.

The Optimization
The plan to optimize the websites is based on themes. The site will be optimized for one main theme.

The Optimization of the site would be based on the following objective:

  • To make the site Search Engine Friendly
  • To get the site cached in top Search Engines Database
  • To get top rankings for the targeted keywords
  • To maximize the ROI by generating increased sales

What should be included in a SEO maintenance service plan?

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Keyword research / Keyphrase Analysis
  • Researching new keywords
  • Competitive analysis in diffrent searh engines
  • Adding fresh content, Articles
  • Web copy analysis - getting a lot of traffic to your site does not guarantee sales
  • Link Exchange ( Boost link popularity)
  • Monitor search engine rankings
  • Traffic Tracking
  • Monthly Ranking Reports
  • Tweaking web site structure and navigation

To ensure up to date listings, our search engine promotion experts monitor your site rankings each month along with title and meta tag reviews to ensure that all pages are up-to-date with search engines algorithms.

Keyword placements must be maintained on a consistent basis to ensure your positions remain visible on all top search engines.

Competitive keyword placements always shift in positions with additional websites creating competition.

Search engines frequently tweak their algorithms sometimes causing websites to change positions.

We provide a monitoring service for your website, analyzing changes and fluctuations in the search engines’ algorithms and reacting accordingly with improvements and modifications in your website architecture to ensure appropriate ranking and placing within those search engines.



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